About Plusshop

Plusshop is a Danish company founded in 2015. We are a member’s club and our goal is to create the best and biggest savings for our members on a wide range of products. The more members, the more and greater discounts. We will seek to always have the lowest prices at any given time. Likewise, we will do everything to make our products cheaper than common webshops and retail shops. Should you see a product at other common web shops or retail stores, you are very welcome to contact us. Whenever possible, we will reduce the price thereby making it lower than the price you found. We wish to have a relevant range of products available for you and the whole family. Therefore, we hope that our members will contact us at support@plusshop.com if there are requests for specific products. We are constantly working on getting our members new deals with as high discounts as possible. This means, however, that some products may only be available in smaller quantities and therefore are not always available in the desired colour or size. At Plusshop we will acquire products within the categories footwear, personal care products, toys, housekeeping, kitchen accessories, and electronics among other things.