Terms & conditions

To shop at Plusshop at member prices, it is a condition that the customer signs up for a membership on subscription terms.
The customer must be at least 18 years old.
Only one membership per customer can be created. Businesses cannot create a membership.
The customer is responsible for ensuring that their account information is up-to-date and correct.
The first time a customer shops at Plusshop at member prices, they will have a membership added to their shopping cart. The membership fee is €9.95 including VAT per month and will be charged to the customer's credit card every month. The membership fee is not charged for the first 30 days, as this period is free, and the customer can also utilize the right of withdrawal during this free period. The first charge of the membership fee to the customer's credit card occurs 30 days after the customer has created their account. (Note! The first charge is made at the same time of day as when you signed up for the membership).

Cancellation and Contract Period
If the customer wishes to terminate their membership, this can be done immediately effective at the end of the paid membership period at the time of termination.
Termination must be done in writing to support@plusshop.com, with "termination" noted in the subject line. Termination can also be done through the customer's account under "My Account" and then under "My Membership". Use the "Terminate Membership" function. Upon termination, the customer's account becomes inactive when the paid period expires, unless the customer terminates during the free period, in which case the customer's account becomes inactive immediately after the termination is received by Plusshop. The customer cannot claim a full or partial refund of the membership fee.
Upon the first purchase, you will receive a receipt in the form of an order confirmation with information about your membership. This email will contain a link to create a password for your user account. After this, you will be able to find receipts under 'My Account' when you log in to your profile. You can terminate your membership at any time. Please note that if you terminate your membership during the free period, you cannot start a new free period but will be charged the subscription fee from the new registration date.
If you have forgotten your password, you can conveniently request a new one by using 'Forgot Password' which can be found in conjunction with the login function. If, contrary to expectations, a new password is not automatically sent to your email, you can contact support@plusshop.com.

Right of Withdrawal - Membership
In accordance with applicable law, there is a 14-day right of withdrawal on your membership, but we have extended this right of withdrawal to apply for 30 days. The right of withdrawal expires 30 days after the day you receive your last item in the order. You can send an email to support@Plusshop.com if you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. Please note that by terminating your membership within the 30 days, you will also terminate your free period, meaning that upon a new purchase, you will start a regular membership at Plusshop.

Breach of Contract
In the event that a member breaches their agreement with Plusshop, Plusshop reserves the right to exclude the customer.
Breach of contract includes, but is not limited to, instances where the customer creates multiple profiles. Plusshop is entitled to pursue a claim for damages in case of customer breach. If a customer has created multiple memberships, Plusshop is entitled to charge the membership fee per profile, regardless of whether the individual membership is within the free period or has been terminated during the free period.
The customer is not entitled to receive any refunds for membership payments, either in full or in part.

Prices, Payment, and Order Confirmation
The price for the goods is as stated on the website at the time of placing the order, inclusive of VAT, fees, charges - including transaction fees - and taxes, but excluding shipping costs.
The regular price is the price applicable to the item if purchased without simultaneously entering into a membership agreement.
The member price is the price applicable to the item if the customer enters into a membership agreement at the time of purchase.
Customers can pay with VISA, MasterCard, and other local payment methods.
Once the payment is completed, the customer will receive a written confirmation of the purchase by email within a reasonable time, incorporating these terms and conditions. The amount will only be charged to the customer's credit card when the item is dispatched from Plusshop's premises.

Charge on Your Card
You can revoke your permission for us to charge an amount to your card at any time.

Order Cancellation
An order can be canceled by sending us an email at support@plusshop.com. The customer can cancel their order until the point when Plusshop has processed the order.

The delivery time is 3-8 days, depending on the country and delivery method you choose.
All items are shipped with a reputable courier and delivered to the address specified during the order.
The cost of delivery varies based on the weight and dimensions of the item, as well as the destination country, and can be viewed on the payment page.
Delivery of the item is considered complete once the item is in the customer's possession.

Cancellation and Return Policy for Goods
According to consumer contract law, you as a consumer have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days of receiving the goods. The 14-day period starts from the day you physically receive the items. If you have ordered multiple items in one order but they are delivered separately, the deadline runs from the day you receive the last item.
Please note that you cannot cancel the purchase by refusing to accept the delivery without informing us simultaneously.
If you fail to collect your package from the pick-up point, and it is returned to us, a fee of €10 will be charged for the return shipping costs. If you wish to have the package resent, you will need to cover a new shipping cost.
If we receive your cancellation more than 14 days after you have received the goods, your right to cancel will be forfeited according to our provisions.
We are available if you have any questions regarding our cancellation and return policy. You can contact our customer service using the details below.

The item must be shipped within 14 days from the date you received it and should be sent to the address provided below. The costs associated with returning the items are to be covered by the customer.
The customer cannot return the items to a parcel shop. The return shipment must be sent to the address specified below. The items should be labeled with the sender's name and address, and if returning due to exercising the right of withdrawal, the items should be marked with "Return"; if exchanging the item, it should be marked with "Exchange".

Condition of the Goods When Returned
The customer is liable for any depreciation in the value of the goods if their use goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods, as well as to test them.
The right of withdrawal under this provision remains, however, Plusshop is entitled to set off the depreciation against the amount to be refunded. The amount you can receive back depends on the commercial value of the goods, and in certain cases, this may mean that you can only receive a refund of the shipping costs.
We recommend that you return the item in its original packaging. If the original packaging is missing, it may result in a depreciation of the item's value.
Regarding sealed goods that are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons once the seal is broken, the right of withdrawal does not apply. The same applies to sealed audio or video recordings or computer software where the customer has broken the seal.

If you cancel your purchase, you will receive a refund. If the item has depreciated in value, we will deduct the amount you are liable for.
From the date we receive the item and accept your return, it may take up to 14 days for the refund to be processed back to the same payment card used for the purchase.
However, Plusshop reserves the right to withhold payment until the goods are returned.

Return Address:
Plus Global ApS
Lyngvej 1
9000 Aalborg

Contact Information:
Plus Global ApS

Warranty Claims
If you are not satisfied with the item, you can contact us at support@plusshop.com.The rules on defects in the Sale of Goods Act do not apply to subscriptions. You have a 2-year warranty period.

Delivery of Goods
When you shop with us as a consumer, the rules of the Sale of Goods Act apply to your purchase.
The customer has a 2-year warranty for defects and deficiencies.
If the customer wishes to claim a defect, the customer must notify Plusshop in writing within a reasonable time after discovering the defect. If the complaint is made within two months of discovering the defect, the complaint will always be considered timely.
If your complaint is justified, it means that you may either have the item repaired, replaced, receive a refund, or a price reduction, depending on the specific situation. Plusshop will, as a starting point, attempt to rectify the defect or provide a replacement.
Reasonable transportation costs under this provision will be covered by Plusshop if the complaint is justified. The item must always be returned in adequate packaging. Also, remember to obtain a receipt for shipping so we can refund your shipping costs.
The items should be labeled with the sender's name and address, and please mark the items with "Complaint."
Notification of a complaint should be sent to support@plusshop.com

The item should be sent to:
Plus Global ApS
Lyngvej 1
9000 Aalborg
We only accept packages that are sent directly to this address.
When returning the item, please include a detailed description of the problem.

Contact information
Plus Global ApS
Lyngvej 1
9000 Aalborg
CVR-nr. 36 73 47 01
E-mail: support@plusshop.com

Any complaints can be sent to Plusshop at support@plusshop.com, where we will respond to and process the complaint as quickly as possible. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved, you can lodge a complaint with:
You can file a complaint through the EU Commission's online complaint portal her.

Privacy Policy
We require the following information when you shop with us: Name, address, phone number, and email address.
We collect and disclose the personal data necessary to deliver the goods to you.
The personal data is registered with Plus Global ApS and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted.
Additionally, we collaborate with several other companies that store and process data. These companies process information solely on our behalf and are not permitted to use it for their own purposes. We only collaborate with data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide sufficient protection for your information.

The data controller at plusshop.com is Plus Global ApS.
You have the right to know what information we process about you. If you believe the information is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. In some cases, we are obligated to delete your personal data upon request. This could be if your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we collected it. You can also contact us if you believe your personal data is being processed in violation of the law. You can reach us at: support@plusshop.com
Further details about our privacy policy can be found her.

Standard Cancellation Form
(This form is to be completed and returned only if the right of withdrawal is being exercised)
Plus Global ApS
Lyngvej 1
9000 Aalborg
Email: support@plusshop.com

I hereby notify that I wish to exercise my right of withdrawal in connection with my purchase agreement for the following goods/services:

Ordered on: ___________________________ Received on: ___________________________

Consumer's name: _________________________________________________________________

Consumer's address: _______________________________________________________________

Consumer's signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________________

(only if this form is notified on paper)

The Membership and Trading Terms were last updated on April 25, 2024.