Terms & conditions

1.  About Plusshop

Present sales and delivery terms apply to every purchase made with Plusshop and Plus Global ApS, DK-36734701 - henceforth named “Plusshop” - just as conditions state terms for membership.

Plusshop is a member’s club which offers large discounts on a wide range of products in the categories footwear, toys, accessories, home furnishings, kitchen accessories, electronics etc. to its customers.

2.  Cookies

Plusshop uses cookies including third party cookies.

A cookie is a text file which enables the storage of information or adds to already stored data on the distributor’s computer, tablet, smartphone, terminal equipment, and the like with the intent of gathering data on the customer. The accumulated data from cookies is used to analyse the customer’s behaviour on the website and to provide the customer with the optimal buying experience. Furthermore, cookies are used in a marketing-related context.

Plusshop gather necessary cookies, cookies regarding preferences, operation and optimisation cookies as well as cookies regarding targeted advertising.

Necessary cookies are required for certain functions on the website to operate properly.

Cookies regarding preferences are gathered to support settings carried out by the customer such as login settings.

Operation and optimisation cookies are gathered with the intent of adding customer feedback and for use in web analysis. Such an analysis includes customer behaviour, searches carried out on the website, and the like. This is to optimise the website.

Cookies regarding targeted advertising are used to track the customer’s browsing habits and online activities. This information is used to show adapted content for each individual customer.

Should Plusshop link to a third party website, the third party website can gather cookies as well. Plusshop encourages its customers to brief themselves on the cookie policy of the third party.


To make a purchase with Plusshop, the customer must subscribe to a membership on terms of subscription.

The customer must be 18 or older and be a Belgium resident.

Only one membership can be set up per customer. Business owners are not able to set up a membership.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that their account information is up-to-date and correct at all times.

The first time the customer makes a purchase with Plusshop, a membership will be added to their shopping basket. The membership fee is €9.95 incl. VAT per month and will be withdrawn from the customer’s credit or debit card each month. The membership fee will not be withdrawn within the first 30 days, as this period is considered a trial period. During this trial period, the customer is free to withdraw from the membership agreement. The membership fee will be withdrawn from the customer’s credit or debit card 30 days after the customer’s account has been set up. The withdrawal is scheduled to occur on the same time of day as the membership was initially created.

Should the customer wish to cancel their membership, this can be done with immediate effect. Cancellation must be informed in writing to the email contact@plusshop.com or be carried out via the customer’s account using “My account” at frontpage and then “My membership”. Use the function “Cancel membership”.

In the case of cancellation, the customer’s account will become inactive once the paid period runs out unless the customer cancels during the trial period, in which case the customer’s account will become inactive immediately. The customer cannot demand the membership fee back in whole or in part.

Should the customer reactivate their account, the trial period mentioned in section 3.5 is not valid.

Pricing, payment, and order confirmation

The prices are those stated on the day the order is given on the website and includes VAT, duties, fees – including transaction fees – and taxes but excludes transport charges.

Two prices will be stated on each product. One of the prices – the crossed-out price – is not the previous price but states the market price on the British market. The other price is the net price and is the price that the customer is required to pay for the product. The customer can purchase one of each product every 30 days. When 30 days have elapsed from the submission of the order, the customer can purchase the product again. If the customer buys more than one of each product within 30 days, an additional charge will be added to the net price, which will be shown in the shopping basket.

Plusshop make reservations regarding misprinted prices and product descriptions.

The customer can pay with either VISA or MasterCard.

When payment has been carried out, the customer will receive written conformation via email within a reasonable time in which these conditions are an integrated part.

The amount will not be drawn from the customer’s credit or debit card until the product has been shipped from Plusshop’s place of business.


An order can be annulled through the customer’s account. The customer can annul their order until the time when Plusshop has processed the order. This will appear on the customer’s account.


Delivery time is stated on the website for each product. If nothing else is stated, delivery time is about 3-7 working days.

All products are shipped using a reputable shipping company and will be delivered to the address stated when the order was given. The delivery is considered complete when the customer is in possession of the goods.

Security and personal data

The privacy of our customers is important to Plusshop. Therefore, our payment solution is based on the SSL standard which means that the information provided to us by the customer during transactions is protected through encryption. The SSL standard used for online transactions is widespread as a form of encryption and is considered a very safe solution.

To complete a transaction with Plusshop we need personal data for the sole purpose of being able to deliver the product to the customer.

Personal data is registered with Plusshop and kept for 5 years. The customer is entitled to gain insight into the information that Plusshop has registered about the customer.

The managing director of Plusshop has access to this information, just as the managing director is the data controller.

The information given is not passed along or sold to any third party. The email address provided is passed along to other companies which are included in the group that Plus Global ApS is a part of, and the customer agrees that Plus Global ApS and its associates may send offers and electronic mail to the customer.

Plusshop does not gather or register any personally sensitive information.

Cancellation and right of return

According to legally endorsed policy, the customer has the right to cancel and return their purchase no later than 30 days after the receipt of the item(s). The time limit of 30 days begins from the day the customer is in actual possession of the item(s) which is stated in section 6.2.

Should the customer wish to exercise their right of cancellation, the customer must make Plusshop expressly aware that they wish to cancel their purchase before the time limit runs out, which is stated in section 8.1.

The notification must be submitted to the contact information stated in section 12. The customer can also use the standard cancellation form enclosed in the customer’s order confirmation and is also available here.

Should Plusshop receive notice of cancellation, per the existing requirements, more than 30 days after the customer has come into possession of the items, the right of cancellation becomes void.

The item(s) must be sent no later than 30 days from the date when the customer has made Plusshop aware that they wish to make use of their right of cancellation and must be sent to the address stated in section 12.

The expenses in connection with returning the item(s) are paid by the customer – this is also valid in cases where the customer does not collect the item(s) in due time. Should the item(s) get lost or become damaged in transit, the customer bears the risk for this.

The customer cannot send the item(s) COD or to a parcel delivery service. The item(s) to be returned must be sent to the address stated in section 12. The item(s) must be labelled with sender’s name and address just as the item(s) must be labelled “Return”, if the item(s) are sent following the use of the cancellation right, or with “Exchange” in the event that the customer wishes the item(s) exchanged.

The customer is held liable for any possible depreciation in value of the item(s) provided that the use of the item(s) exceeds what is necessary to determine the nature and properties of the item(s) as well as part of testing the item(s). The right of cancellation, per the existing determination, is maintained though in such a way that Plusshop is entitled to offset the depreciation in the amount refunded.

As far as all sealed items are concerned, which for health protection or hygiene related reasons are not suitable for return and where the seal has been broken, the right of cancellation is not valid. This is valid for personal care products, perfumes and computer software where the customer has broken the sealing.

The purchase amount will be transferred back to the customer’s account no later than 30 days after the customer has informed that they wish to cancel their purchase. Plusshop reserves the right to withhold the purchase amount until the items have been returned or until the customer has duly presented documentation that the items have been returned.

Plusshop is entitled to offset the expenses stated in sections 8.6 and 8.8 in the purchase amount.


Plusshop Unit 1
Station Lane
NR9 3AY, Hethersett


The customer has a 2-year warranty for flaws and deficiencies.

Should the customer wish to claim a deficiency, the customer must inform Plusshop in writing within a reasonable time after noticing the deficiency.

Plusshop reserves the right to remedy including the right to carry out replacement deliveries according to the Sale of Goods Act regarding claims based on a defect.

Reasonable expenses for shipping per the existing determination are paid by Plusshop. The item(s) must be labelled with sender’s name and address just as the item(s) must be labelled “Complaint”.

Notice of complaint must be sent to the contact information as stated in section

Exemption of liability

Plusshop make reservations regarding changes in charges and prices, sold out or discontinued items, proofreading errors, technical errors, and force majeure, which could be industrial conflicts with sub suppliers, insufficient deliveries and items, or sub suppliers which are unable to deliver or delay deliveries. Likewise, Plusshop cannot be held responsible for the lack of electronic mail in connection with purchases and set up or cancellation of membership. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of emails ending up in unwanted mail or elsewhere.

Breach of contract

Should a member breach a contract made with Plusshop, Plusshop is entitled to exclude the customer. A breach is considered, though not conclusively, to be that the customer

Sets up multiple profiles, as stated in section 3.3.

Plusshop is entitled claim compensation in the case of a customer breaching a contract. If the customer has set up multiple memberships, Plusshop is entitled to demand membership fee pr. profile, regardless of whether the individual membership is in its trial period or has been cancelled during the trial period.

The customer is not entitled to have their membership fee refunded, completely or partially.

Contact information

Plus Global ApS
Lyngvej 1
9000 Aalborg


Possible complaints can be sent to Plusshop, we Will investigate the complaint and respond as soon as possible. If there is Not a satisfactory solution for both parties, can there be sent a further complaint to the adresse below:

Citizens Advice
3rd Floor North, 200 Aldersgate,
London, EC1A 4HD